Letter from Owners

Letter from the Owners:

Hi, we are the owners of Milieco,

About 10 years ago we started to ask ourselves, if we keep throwing things in the bin and the rubbish just sits in landfills, the landfills grow bigger and bigger, what would happen. At this point we hadn’t even thought about the effects on wildlife, pollution the future….

We go to parties and events, seeing plastic plates been used then just thrown in the bin. So we used to make sure we only used one plate, one cup, one spoon during the event so as not to waste and burden the landfill.

So here we are today. Milieco is an opportunity to make that difference. The earth provides us with so many natural resources that we can use, be sustainable and responsible.

It’s time to take action on climate change and pollution.

It doesn’t take much to be Green, we just need to think outside our usual choices, and you do have choices, maybe its time to go for the greener option.

We also wondered about recycled good – is everything recyclable? We found this is not fully the case and share with you what the various symbols mean with regards recycling.

Our business is based on fully recyclable compostable and biodegradable products that you can even compost yourself or send to local recycling center along with food waste.

We ask that you give a thought to your own way of life at this critical time for our planet and start making a difference right away by introducing our eco- friendly products into daily life.

I will continue to post on environmental issues, raising further awareness on our site. Let’s enjoy our planet, living in harmony with it, respecting it, loving it and sustaining it.

Thank you


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